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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between close-up strolling magic and stage/parlor shows?

Close-up strolling is usually better suited for strolling situations where you want small groups or individual people entertained. This will include card tricks, coins, mentalism, and other smaller effects.

A stage show is for the entire group at once. This will include several people on stage with me during the performance and usually involves a sound system. This is usually what is requested for most mid-sized to large events. We can adapt this for a living room, meeting room, or even a hotel ballroom (and anything in between). This show is adapted to the performance area and the number of people in your group. I have performed this for groups of 15 to 1500 people, so we can make this work for you!

Birmingham Alabama Magician Brian Reaves smiling
Can you do a close-up show for a small group?

I have won numerous awards for close-up magic. If you have a smaller group (less than 20 people) and would like to have a close-up show, I will be happy to perform one. This show will focus on card tricks, coins, and other things suited for a smaller group. But believe me, this will still be an incredible show that your group will enjoy! We will involve several people during the course of the show and it's a lot of fun. You'll see award-winning close-up magic that isn't performed by any other magician in the state--including my exclusive finale routine that will leave you astonished!

What is a typical stage/parlor show like?

This will involve a LOT of audience participation. I'll bring people up on stage to be a part of the show and let them be the stars for a few minutes. If you have anyone in particular that you'd love to see "in the spotlight" for a few minutes, just let me know. 

I never intentionally embarass anyone during the show. We will have fun together and joke with each other, but it's always my intention to have each person leave the stage smiling and happy to have been there. 

The comedy in the show is always clean and family-friendly. I don't tell off-color jokes or use profanity. I always try to perform the kind of show I'd be comfortable with my parents coming to see (and they have). 

If you have a larger crowd, I can bring a sound system to use. If your venue is supplying a sound system for your event, I need a hands-free microphone (a headset or lapel mic) and I can bring one if needed. I just need to know ahead of time. 

How long is a stage/parlor show?
Birmingham Alabama Magician Brian Reaves performing for a crowd
Birmingham Alabama Mentalist Brian Reaves reading a group of people's minds

The typical show length is 45-60 minutes, but that depends on your event. If you need a longer or shorter show, we can easily accomodate your time frame. 

Do you do kid's birthday parties?

I perform school shows, church shows, adult birthday parties, and corporate events. I do not do kid's birthday parties, although I will be happy to put you in touch with several great magicians in the area who specialize in those. Just contact me for more information.

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