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Our Packages

The Silver Package -
Close-up shows & Strolling Magic

The magic happens in the hands of your guests!


Brian will mix and mingle up-close and personal with your guests as he works his way from group to group doing strolling close-up magic. The excitement and energy that Brian’s amazing illusions elicit keep everyone talking – even after he moves on. This is entertainment that involves as many guests as possible during your event, with about 5-7 minutes of magic per group.


From a small private party to a corporate banquet of thousands, Brian’s strolling magic fits most any event. Whether during a cocktail hour, a formal dinner, an outdoor festival, or any number of events, Brian will mingle with the crowd and share his magic up close and personal.


Party guests often have a wide range of musical tastes and other interests, but well-performed magic appeals to all ages and personalities. One significant benefit of close-up magic is that it does not require the attention of the entire crowd at one time. Brian strolls around to individual tables and small groups of people, tailoring his presentation to suit each group. He can perform during the socializing time, and occasionally even during other forms of entertainment.


Traditional venues for strolling magic include corporate banquets, wedding receptions, VIP suites, holiday parties, and private events of all sorts. This is the magic that has made Brian one of the most acclaimed magicians in the Birmingham area today.


In a seated environment, this works just as well! It’s often difficult to keep everyone attentive and engaged when they are spread about the room seated as islands unto themselves. Brian will perform at each table to ensure that ALL guests have memorable experiences and that they feel welcomed to your event.


This is best suited for gatherings where you want entertainment geared toward individual guest involvement rather than “entire event at once” group involvement.


The Gold Package -
Stage and Group Shows

Brian is the #1 Corporate Magician in the state for good reason. His shows will involve your team and make them laugh without making them uncomfortable with unnecessary language or innuendo. This is something your team will leave the event talking about tomorrow!

The big show for everyone at once! Brian takes his unique skills to the stage for a remarkable presentation suitable for audiences ranging from 20 to 1,500. The stage is truly where Brian’s humor and charm shine as he creates an extraordinary experience of illusions and comedy that your guests will remember for years to come.


Brian’s stage presence is unparalleled in the area. Equally at home on stage in a comedy club or a banquet hall, Brian’s number one goal is to make sure every guest leaves having a good time and feeling like they were part of the show in some way.


Showcasing moments of amazing magic, mentalism, sleight of hand, and comedy, the family-friendly show is perfect for any event.


This is best suited for events where you want the entire group involved at once and focused on centralized entertainment.


Motivational Speaking

Brian has been presenting his motivational speeches all over the United States. He was the opening speaker for the TEDx Birmingham event "Possibilities" and was voted an audience favorite by the attendees. For more information, visit the Motivational Magician website.


The Platinum Package
An Evening of Deception

Our Platinum-level Mentalism show will leave your audience speechless. For more information, visit the website.


Church Shows

Every day, tens of thousands of ministry leaders wake up feeling burdened by a God-given desire to grow their churches by reaching their communities with the truth and hope of the gospel. We understand how difficult it is to find creative ways to engage people in a culture that is overwhelmed, apathetic, cynical, and distracted. The average person takes in thousands of messages a day. They are inundated with lies and deception.

It doesn’t have to be this way. While lies and deception can trap and entangle, the beautiful truth of the gospel offers freedom—an alternative to the illusions and counterfeits that the world has to offer. It is a life filled with awe and wonder of who God is, and who we are in Christ.

With over 20 years of experience through thousands of performances as an illusionist, storyteller, and renowned communicator, Brian has helped audiences around the United States discover a life beyond their imagination—the abundant life that God created them for. In a way that is uniquely his own, Brian helps audiences of all ages move past their fears and cynicism, and step into a life filled with faith, hope, and love, wide awake in wonder.

More than a speaker, more than an entertainer, Brian will help you and the people you lead push past the barriers that are holding so many back from child-like faith—a life where anything is possible.

How does he do it? With “magic” of course...

When you're ready to make your next church banquet, service, or youth ministry meeting unforgettable, Brian can provide an amazing show and/or illustrated sermon that brings home the message of the Gospel.


Private Parties

For your company or private parties, Brian will bring a show full of laughter and involvement. Your group will have a blast being a part of the show. If there is someone you'd like showcased that night (is it someone's birthday?) Brian will make them the star of the show for a few minutes and have everyone celebrating them!

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